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Me Again by Dinofreak126
Me Again
Name: Just call me Nathan.
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: Brown-haired, extremely white, scrawny, wears-glasses-but-not-always, extremely runner-looking (because I'm a long-distance runner), and fancy. (I love to dress fancily. And NO, I am NOT a fan of Iggy. Sing the damn song and I'll cut you.)

Sexual Orientation: So extremely straight...
Preferences: I suppose I'm mainly looking for friends, but... Idfk... If you're confident in your ability to woo me, you can sure as hell try.
If I prefer anything, I don't know why, but I like brunettes, and I'm normally... Well, you can ask people what I am, and they'll probably say I'm a mixture between submissive/dominating. Ask me and I wouldn't be able to tell you. xD

Personality: Quick-tempered, wisecracking, witty, probably annoying, intelligent (saying from experience), easygoing. (so long as you don't piss me off)
Quirks: I talk a lot, I am extremely opinionated, I am most often unswaying in my beliefs, and I know a shitton of random trivia. Plus I'm addicted to animes and roleplay forums.
Likes: Sweets of any kind, Dr Pepper, nerds and being able to show off my nerdiness, sharing my knowledge with the world, debating, angering people, making stupid jokes, making forums, writing stories (more like coming up with ideas for stories... x_x)... And much more.
Dislikes: Douchebags, rudeness, stupidity, disrespect, anything that isn't sweet or slightly sweet. (meaning foods/drinks/inbetween) Too much to list, really.
Hobbies: Forum-roleplay, run track (long distance), video games, write, animes... Uh... Yeah. That's pretty much it. xD

Describe your perfect date: Probably sitting on the couch, watching movies. Or alternatively sitting on a blanket on a hill somewhere far away from people, just watching stars and cuddling and shit. Both preferably with kissing and/or making out, but it's not a deal-breaker without.
Name one thing you like in a relationship: I like being able to give myself to another person. Metaphorically. Y'know, not having to worry about where your loyalties lie - Just being certain that you're loyal to them and they're loyal to you.
Name one thing you'd like someone (a future friend or partner) to know about you: I have NEVER, EVER kissed a girl in my life. And the thought of it happening for the first time sorta scares me.
What is one thing you despise in a relationship?: Knowing I can't bang everything ever. :c (KIDDING. There are some things you just don't bang. Like cacti.)
Anax Lupus by Dinofreak126
Anax Lupus
This is a personal Zoid that I designed. It's a sorta-kinda sprite of my evolved Konig Wolf, whom I named Anax. Pretty much, Anax Lupus stands for King Wolf or King Dog. He's got a double-barreled, suppressed, highly advanced sniper rifle, a pair of ion boosters, advanced attack claws, and of course flashy colors.

All parts of the sprite are original, except for the claws and the ion boosters. The ion boosters came from the Liger Zero Jager's armor, and the attack claw came from the Zero Falcon. It was kinda tough to put them all into one, but I think it turned out alright.

As before, I do not own Zoids or anything associated, and all of the resources I used to make this sprite came from a Gameboy Advance game called Zoids Legacy, created by Takara Tomy, Ltd. Or quite possibly Zoids Saga DS. Not sure.

I don't even know who all pays attention to this account anymore. But eh.
Geno Striker by Dinofreak126
Geno Striker
Bleh. I don't wanna describe it right now. I'll edit it tomorrow at some point.
  • Mood: Contempt
  • Listening to: The whirr of my laptop's fans.
  • Reading: This. And other things.
  • Watching: Maddie and her weirdness.
  • Playing: Errr, the last thing I played was Skyrim. (duh.)
  • Eating: Nothing.
  • Drinking: Bleh.
I'm going to vent and rant and whatever the hell I want to do. You guys can take whatever you want from this.

I've never been one to trust people. Never have, never will. I've told so many people over the years that I've just come to accept it myself.

I've always had trust issues. Never been able to fully trust people not to hurt me, to use me, to abuse my trust. And so I've never given it fully to anyone. But that doesn't mean "betrayal" doesn't phase me. Hell, it hurts me at the deepest level.

I was told by a friend recently that "they had been hurt enough" by someone who had hurt me. That pissed me off. And I've heard details of the other things this person has done. That pissed me off more.

The son of a bitch has hurt me, he's hurt my friends, he's hurt my ex, whom I would STILL do anything for, and most of all, he's hurt everything associated with ME. And it's starting to grate on my motherfucking nerves.

Yeah, Green, I'm talking to you. And I have to say, you've done a mighty fine job of setting yourself up to be A HUGE FUCKING DOUCHEBAG.

Everything you do is to hurt or abuse others, and yet you laugh and make fun about it? That's a coward's game. Sure, I'm playing it right now, but it's because YOU DESERVE IT. You DESERVE the pain you've thrown at others. You deserve all of it TENFOLD. I will never forget the things you said about her. About me. And now the things you've done to her AGAIN? After regaining her trust COUNTLESS FUCKING TIMES?

If I were near you right now, I'd stab you in the fucking spinal cord just so you'd be paralyzed for all of the messed up shit I'd do to you afterward.

I AM TIRED OF THIS. PEOPLE NEED TO LEARN THAT BEING AN ASSHOLE ONLY GAINS YOU SORROW, MISERY, AND HATRED. You gain NOTHING from it but your own destruction. And it would be funny if it DIDN'T PISS ME OFF. You ignorant sons of bitches, take Green as an example. The next time I talk to him, be it on chats or otherwise, I'll verbally crucify him in front of everything he holds dear, just like he did to me and all of my friends. Everything I hold dear. Because HE DESERVES IT. And all of you who're friends with him, you just wait. Because you're fucking next. I'll hunt you down and murder your fucking puppies if I have to get the message across, but I am SICK AND FUCKING TIRED OF YOU. ALL OF YOU.


I don't even know who all pays attention to this account anymore. But eh.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I am a mystery, a mysterious enigma of unknowing.

Basically, I'm going to withhold my bio because I only trust people that I trust. Which makes sense if you don't think about it.

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